Birth Month Flowers Chart – The Complete Guide About Birth Flowers

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Almost everyone knows about their zodiac, horoscopes, and birthstones. In fact, at some point in our life, we have been obsessively learned about our zodiac signs and personality traits associated with the horoscope.

Well, let’s face it. There are very few people who actually know that there is also a specific flower associated with their birth month and it has its own different meaning.

It really comes handy when you want to send someone birthday flowers and make them feel surprised on their special day. But when you don’t know which flower exactly corresponds to their birth month, it’s hard to pick the right choice and send a memorable gift. Right?

If you said yes, then today is definitely your lucky day as we have put together a birth month flowers chart along with the meanings of corresponding flowers so you can learn what every flower says before you send it to your loved ones.

Birth Month Flowers Chart for Easy Reference:

Wondering what’s your birth month flower?

Have a quick look below at this birth month flowers chart so you can easily refer the right flower to your recipient on their birthday.

birth month flowers

Birth Month Flowers and their Meanings:

Well, now that you know which flower is associated with your birth month and what’s their meaning, let’s get into details and find out more about your birth month flowers.

  • January- Carnations:

Carnations- one of the most beautiful flowers of earth and associated with people who are born in January. The flower is generally called dianthus, sweet william, or gillyflower.

The flower usually blooms in almost every color of the rainbow, such as purple, pink, red, yellow, and green. Carnations also look quite delicate and tender, but they grow in extreme circumstances. They bloom in winter as long as it’s not chilling and freezing. The best of all, the flower represents love, remembrance, and fascination.

jan birth flower

  • February- Violet, and Primrose:

Violet and primrose flowers are associated with February. The violet flower symbolizes humility and faithfulness. They are usually named after the bluish-purple shade, but they also exist in cream and yellow colors.

The second flower is primrose that looks pale yellow and also edible. So, if you are ordering or baking a birthday cake for people born in Feb, do not forget to add yellow primrose flowers on the top that further personalize your cake.

feb birth flower

  • March- The Daffodils:

Since Daffodils bloom in the Spring season, so they are the perfect flowers for March’s born. The flowers represent faith, hope, positivity, and rejuvenation. These flowers have different meanings in different cultures.

For example, they are considered a token of good luck in China, while Romans believe that the flower has multiple healing powers.

mar birth flower

  • April- Daisy:

If your recipient is born in April, Daisies are perfect flowers for him. They represent new beginnings, rebirth, and true love.

There are 5 beautiful types of daisies with petal colors range from white to pink, with a bright yellow center.

If you want to show your undying love to your partner or friends, daisies are undoubtedly an amazing choice.

april birth flower

  • May- The Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn:

Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley are common flowers for May. Due to their delicate and tender petals and adorable scent, these are the favorite flowers of many people.

Lily of the Valley usually symbolizes sweetness, humility, and purity. It also represents Motherhood, which makes it a perfect flower to send on Mother’s Day or a special gift for your mother on her birthday.

may birth flower

  • June- Rose, and Honeysuckle!

Rose and honeysuckle are two beautiful flowers for June.

Available in different colors, roses have hundreds of types. The flower is a true symbol of devotion, love, and passion. However, various colors carry their meanings so you can give the flower by understanding the meanings first.

For example, the yellow rose is best for giving to your friends, the red rose is best for your partner, and white is perfect for sending to your parents, siblings, or colleagues as they represent purity and spirituality.

Very few people are familiar with honeysuckle flowers as they are not frequently added to bouquets. The flowers attract butterflies and are best for decorating gardens and outdoors.

june birth flower

  • July- The Larkspur and Water Lily:

The birth flowers of the summer month of July are The Larkspur and Water Lily.

The Larkspur is available in different beautiful colors such as indigo and pink. The flowers symbolize positivity, dignity, grace, and love. However, the water lily is another flower for July that is associated with innocence, purity, hope, and rebirth.

july birth flower

  • August- The Gladiolus:

The birth flower for August is Gladiolus. It represents strength, positivity, integrity, and new birth. But the flower is also associated with infatuation because previous Victorians believed that the flowers can easily help them win someone’s heart.

The flower is also referred to as a sword lily due to its long-elongated petals. You can get the flower in different colors such as red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, and white.august birth flower

  • September- Aster and Morning Glory:

Aster and Morning glory are two flowers that can be sent to anyone born in September. These are also known as frost flowers.

Asters symbolize love, affection, wisdom, and kindness. They are available in different pretty shades such as white, red, or mauve.

Morning glory also represents incessant love. As the name implies, their petals open in the morning to show off their gorgeous star-like centers.

sep birth flower

  • October-Marigold:

If you want to wish someone a happy birthday in October, send them marigold flowers that are the true inspiration to people who love brightness, elegance, and beauty.

The flower is available in white and yellow colors and is native to the Mediterranean. It also represents creativity, passion, and courage.

oct birth flower

  • November- Chrysanthemums:

The chrysanthemums flowers that are also referred to as ‘mum’ are the birth flowers for November born.

They were first cultivated in China in the 15th century and since then they are associated with joys, loyalty, and longevity.

Another amazing fact is you can give this flower to people who are celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary. You can wish them long and healthy together by sending beautiful chrysanthemums. The flower is also best for sending to your mother on Mother’s Day as it represents undying love.

nov birth flower

  • December- The Narcissus:

The Narcissus is a flower for people who celebrate their birthday in December.

It stands for good luck, respect, joys, and faithfulness. The flowers usually grow in early spring but some special species like paperwhite narcissus are also found in winter.  These flowers also look adorable when decorated in a bouquet and mixed with other flowers.

dec birth flower

Ending Thoughts:

If you are curious to know more facts and characteristics associated with your birth month, have a look at this birth month flower chart that describes some more interesting facts about your recipient’s birth month.

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