How to Get a Job as a Security Guard in Australia These 2021

Are you cool under pressure? If you have got a good head on your shoulders and you are always up to a challenge, becoming a security guard might be a great fit!

Security guards are often the first responders to onsite emergencies and through their quick thinking, they can save lives. The best security guards possess strong critical thinking skills, know how to respond properly in a variety of emergencies, and are great communicators.

Security guards are often referred to as modern-day knights in shining armor. It is because you are responsible for helping others feel safe and you can defuse any tense situations and keep buildings, property, and people feel secure. Security guards are necessary for different settings and have varied duties and responsibilities because of it. As a security guard, you can work in schools, hospitals, big and small courts, malls, zoos, government buildings, banks, and even private residences.

Becoming a security guard can also be the first step that opens up doors in several career paths. It is a great first step if you want to get your foot into reaching higher positions including a corrections officer, personal bodyguards, private investigator, and police officers. The choice is solely yours and will depend on what job you will find most fulfilling.

If you are looking for ways on how to become a security guard in Australia, this definitive guide will help you choose your career pathway in the security field.

  1. Choose the Right Training Provider

Once you consider the duties involve in becoming someone in security and decided that this is the profession you wish to embark on, be ready to start looking for the right training provider. With the many courses available, a good training provider will help you decide which security course/s is right for you.

The very first thing to look into a security guard course is whether it is certified. You may come across a security guard course, but not all of them are certified nor nationally recognised. It means that your certification is not valid.

Here are some key points to check when choosing your training provider:

  • Registration

Make sure that your security training provider is registered. A Registered Training Organisation (RTO) can provide their RTO number and is posted in all their marketing and advertising materials.

  • Operational Status

You can check the current operational status of an RTO by checking it on

  • Reviews and ratings

Go through past reviews and ratings left by former students. Verify if they are real people and talk to them if possible.

  • Check trainer’s profile

Find out more about your trainers by going through their credentials and profile available. You can ask your training provider to give this information to you.

  1. Enroll in Security Courses

Becoming a security guard entails you to complete a basic course to help you earn a certification. The basic security course will introduce you to emergency response procedures, crime scene prevention, loss prevention techniques, the legal authority of security officers, as well as the proper use of force. In addition to that, you’ll learn the security code of ethics, fire prevention, how to write a report, and public relations. These courses typically require hours of participation.

CPP20212 – Certificate II in Security Operations is a nationally accredited entry-level course that allows you to apply for a private security license. After successfully obtaining your security license, you are qualified to work and may apply to work as an Unarmed Guard or Crowd Controller. You will be qualified to work at public locations such as sporting arenas, shopping centers, courts, construction sights, airports, schools, and corporate offices.

  1. Gaining Additional Qualification Along with your Basic Security Certificate (with First Aid and CPR certification)

Completing additional units along with your CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations will open up additional career paths for you. One of which is becoming a Control Room Operator.

A certificate III in Control Room and Monitoring Room is normally offered as a bundle or an upgrade packed with the unarmed guard course.

But to be eligible for a security license in Australia, you must secure a basic education and have a valid first aid and CPR certification. The minimum level of first aid training accepted for a security license is Provide First Aid with CPR (HLTAID003).

  1. UpSkill with Higher Qualifications

If you are aiming to work in a high-risk environment, you should consider up-skilling with different types of certification.

CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations (Armed Guard Cash-in-Transit)

Recommended to those who want to work in collections and transfer or delivery of cash and other valuables. This unit of competency also comes with the safe use of weapons such as a revolver handgun, barons, handcuffs, as well as, defensive tactics.

If you are aiming to become a bodyguard, you should consider taking CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations.

While CPP40707 Certificate IV in Security Risk Management is the right course for you if your goal is to become a Risk Assessment professional or if you have plans in running your own security business.

  1. Apply for a Security License

Depending on the state you are located in, the license application process may vary in each state. In South Australia, four types of work/profession require a security license. These include General Guarding, Body Guarding, Crowd or Venue Control, and Systems Installation (Alarm & Surveillance).

To work in such fields, you may need to apply for a security license and to get that, you may need to:

  • Complete the appropriate training relevant to the license and its activities
  • Enroll in a training provider that meets the licensing requirements and hold a license
  1. Prepare Your Resume

To have a successful career as a security guard, there are certain skills that employers and hiring managers look for. Create a resume that will highlight important skills in a security guard, including high attention to detail, a strong sense of integrity, and a proven record of honestly. You’ll also need to possess excellent communication skills to be able to take and give directions.

  1. Look for A Job

Every company has its qualities and preferences, and it is important to find the company that is right for you. Look for a company or organization where you can get training, professional development, and career growth.

Become a Security Guard in Australia in 7 simple steps.

Now is the right time to take the first step towards an exciting, stable, and promising career in security that will take you places. No matter what your background, gender, or nationality is, the security industry can be a great career option.

We hope that this blog would help you with your new and exciting career adventure.

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