Photo Stick Omni Australia – Is it a Scam? Must Read Before Buying

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Your photos and videos are something extremely precious and you don’t want to lose them, ever. Right? But how can you be so sure that these photos will be safe for years, even after changing your laptop?

If you answered cloud storage, then it’s wrong. Because it can easily get hacked and many cloud users often complain about privacy issues. Other than that, it is a bit costly for many people.

So, what we think is, there should be a better way of storing your precious photos and memories. But what it could be?

Let’s meet the new flash drive in town- The Photo Stick Omni!

If you don’t want to waste several hours sorting out important photos on your phone, then the Photo stick device can prove extremely valuable. This small and pocket-friendly device can easily track, collect, and store your information as it features an automatic scanning system.

If you are curious to know whether it’s worth buying or just a scam, then this is the right article for you. Scroll below and learn everything about this small intelligent device.

The Basics – What is a Photo Stick Omni Device?

First, we need to learn what a Photo Stick Omni exactly is.

This is a small handheld and pocket-friendly device that stores all your digital photos in one place, within seconds. But that’s not it. There is much more than storing photos.

Photo stick is a small portable device that just looks like a flash drive. These two devices are of the same size. They hold digital photos and help you transfer from one device to another. You need to transfer your photos from your computer to the photo stick device, where the photos will stay there. Now, these photos will be safe for as long as they are stored in the device.

This is not a simple flash drive where you can just save your photos. But it also features a specialized and intelligent storage solution through which you can find relevant files on your device without requiring to put any effort.

The device does plenty of searching and sorting of photos, so you can easily find all the lost photos on your computer as well.

How Does Photo Stick Omni Work?

The Photostick device operates on very powerful technology.

It features software that works and finds files for you, so you don’t have to download any other file. The device can find all your required files quickly and easily, by looking through the folders on your computer. It starts doing everything automatically when you connect it with your computer.

It works with almost any type of device or computer, and the software behind it will work on every system whether it’s a Windows PC or Mac. First, you will need to copy the files from your computer and then add them to the Photo Stick Omni device.

After that, you can copy those files from the device to your computer. You can use it as a flash drive and keep the pictures there until you want to use them. The device can also be used as a backup especially if you want to free up the space on your computer.

The best part is it doesn’t save duplicate photos. For example, if you have two photos with the same name, it will only copy one. It can also locate some files that you don’t even know if they exist on your PC.

Pros and Cons of the Photo Stick Omni:

Not all reviews will tell you both pros and cons; since we are following an honest and fair approach, we are going to unleash both so you can decide whether you should buy it or not.


  • It’s very easy to use. Once you plug in the device and it’s ready to use.
  • It features a new file finding technology through which you can sort out all photos.
  • It is very affordable, even for small budgets.
  • The device works automatically. You don’t need to find files on your own. The device can locate the files on your behalf.
  • It can save you lots of time. You can do anything else while the device finds files for you.
  • Photo stick can work with every computer.


  • It’s hard to organize files using photo stick because they are not arranged in order.
  • May not work well with older systems with no USB port.
  • Premium price
  • It doesn’t operate on mobile devices. You need to get a Photo stick mobile for that.

Analysis of Pros and Cons

While the device has received mostly positive feedback, some users have mentioned that it can be a bit pricey. However, the one-time cost is often justified by the peace of mind it offers.

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How Many Photos Does the Device Store?

The photo stick device is available in different storage capacities. For example:

  • A small photo stick device with 8GB storage can store up to 3,500 photos.
  • The 64GB version of the device can store up to 30, 000. But the actual number could vary based on the size of your files.
  • 128GB version is also available for storing tons of photos and videos. You can save up to 60,000 photos all at once.

How to Use the Photo Stick Omni

Using the Photo Stick Omni is incredibly simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step-by-Step Guide on Setting Up the Device

  1. Connect the Photo Stick Omni to your computer or mobile device using the universal adapter.
  2. Open the Photo Stick Omni app, which will automatically launch the main menu.
  3. Click on the “Backup Now” button to start the backup process.

Connecting to Different Devices

The Photo Stick Omni comes with a universal adapter, making it compatible with various devices, including computers and fairly new Android phones.

How to Navigate the Main Menu

The main menu is straightforward. You’ll find options for backing up files, restoring files, and viewing your backup history.

Scanning for and Backing Up Files

Once you click the “Backup Now” button, the device will automatically scan for files and back them up. You can also choose to back up specific file types if you prefer.

Storage Space and File Compatibility

The Photo Stick Omni offers various storage capacities, from 32GB to 128GB. It supports a wide range of file formats, including JPEG, PNG, MP4, and even PDFs.

Money-Back Guarantees:

The photo stick device is available with money-back guarantees. Some people might like the device, but some do not as the device could also fail to meet their expectations. Many people also believe that the device is a scam and may not be a legit solution, that’s why the company offers a complete refund.

Why Choose the Photo Stick Omni?

When it comes to storage devices, you have numerous options. So, why choose the Photo Stick Omni?

  • Comparison with Other Storage Devices: The Photo Stick Omni stands out for its ease of use and convenience. Unlike cloud storage, which requires a monthly fee, the Photo Stick Omni has a one-time upfront cost. It also offers more storage capacity compared to traditional flash drives.
  • Ease of Use and Convenience: With its user-friendly interface, backing up your files is as simple as connecting the device to your computer or mobile device and clicking a button. The main menu is easy to navigate, making it an ideal solution for tech novices and experts alike.
  • Ample Storage Space for Photos and Videos: The Photo Stick Omni comes in various storage capacities, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of files, there’s a GB variant that’s perfect for you.
  • User-Friendly Interface and Navigation: The device’s main menu is intuitive, making it easy to back up your files without any hassle. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, the Photo Stick Omni makes the backup process straightforward.

Real User Experiences and Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it; let’s see what real users have to say.

Reviews from Australia’s Top 10

According to a review by Australia’s Top 10, the Photo Stick Omni is a “must-have device for anyone looking to secure their digital memories.”

Customer Reviews on

The device has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on, with users praising its ease of use and ample storage space.

TechBullion’s Review and User Feedback

TechBullion also gave the device a glowing review, stating that it’s an “innovative backup solution that everyone should consider.”

Where to Buy the Photo Stick Omni Device?

Now you must be wondering what’s the best place to buy a Photo stick.

Well, the most trusted source is their official website and from our link. They make sure that you get the device at the best prices and discounts. So, it’s better to stop using Amazon and other links that may not be reliable and trustable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Photo Stick Omni Compatible with All Devices?

Yes, it comes with a universal adapter that makes it compatible with various devices.

How Much Storage Does the Photo Stick Omni Provide?

It offers storage capacities ranging from 32GB to 128GB.

Can I Use the Photo Stick Omni to Back Up Videos?

Absolutely, it supports various video formats.

Where Can I Purchase the Photo Stick Omni in Australia?

You can buy it from authorized retailers or the official website.


The Photo Stick Omni is an innovative backup solution that offers ease of use, ample storage space, and a one-time upfront cost. Its user-friendly interface and positive reviews make it a reliable choice for securing your precious memories. With various storage capacities and file format support, it’s a versatile device that meets the needs of different users. So why wait? Secure your memories today with the Photo Stick Omni.

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