4 Reasons on Why Australia Has the Best Coffee Culture

Australia is definitely one of the countries in the world that is well known for its specialty coffee culture.

The land down under has certainly found the perfect balance between the coffee quality and the coffee culture. It also has some of the best baristas in the industry. Aussies developed their obsession when it comes to coffee products and presentation. Pairing it with the laid back yet modern style of most Australian cafes is the perfect combination is that is unique for coffee culture around the world.

Over the years, Australia holds the crown for having the best tasting specialty brews. In fact, Melbourne was hailed as one of the world’s coffee capitals. Big chains do not dominate the coffee culture in this country. Back in 2018, the popular coffee chain (Starbucks) closed down about 70 percent of their Australian shops after losing an amount of about $143 million. That alone is clear proof of how Australians take their coffee seriously. In this country, there is no room for an average cup of Joe.

The Australian coffee culture is perfected and refined in the past few years. It is taking hold in the US counterpart, with many Australian-style cafes started springing up.

According to one critic for the World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards, “It is safe to say that Australian coffee is one of the best in the world.”

Introduction to Coffee

The Italians introduced coffee in Australia in the late 1940s, right after WWII. Coffee shops and espresso bars began to imprint themselves across several locations in Sydney and Melbourne. The overall industry had an appeal that went beyond the Italian migrant communities that are originally operating them.

Since then, 95% of coffee shops and specialty cafes in Australia are privately owned. Coffee became an entire lifestyle for many Australians.

As of today, we discover a new decorative style that attracts a different types of coffee drinkers. Whether you are a youngster looking for innovative coffee bars or a hardcore coffee drinker who wants to stick with the original brews, there is a perfect place for you.

Australia was uniquely placed to embrace an excellent coffee culture. But what is it that makes every cup of coffee in Australia so good?

Australian Coffee shops offer a unique experience

Local specialty coffee shops fully understand that drinking coffee is more than just the sudden coffee hit. Coffee drinking is a form of relaxation and socialising. Most Australian cafes take extra steps and make sure that they do not only offer to provide amazing coffee and professional service. They also ensure to provide a complete coffee experience to its drinkers.

The coffee culture in this country puts a focus on many different types and varieties of specialty coffee. Upon walking into one of the cafes, the barista will be able to tell you everything you need about the coffee. From where it was grown, who produced it, and what variety it is. They also offer services such as coffee brewed as filters as well as espresso.

The Australian coffee menu will showcase options that are in season and specialty grade. Notice that they are individual labels on retail bags to let you know the exact date the coffee bean is harvested and roasted. Aussies take coffee as a serious business.

Australian baristas push the boundaries when it comes to their coffee art

The creativity that comes from the local Baristas is one key factor that sets the Australian coffee industry apart from the rest. Baristas have perfected the art of making lattes, macchiatos and even invented the infamous flat whites. They are also not afraid to explore other ingredients that could possibly incorporate with coffee. That leads to new coffee trends. Think of turmeric lattes, pink drinks, unicorn coffee, and turmeric lattes.

Baristas in Australia have trained to master latte art. Latte art that is on point does not come without dedicated training and certification from Registered Training Organisation.

Aside from it is something that customers expect on their cup of coffee, latte art is also good for the eyes. Coffee latte art is beautiful. The presence of it is a big signifier of an ideally crafted cup of coffee. If the steamed milk is not done correctly, doing latte art is impossible. The milk needs to achieve the right consistency and temperatures to create delicate patterns across freshly roasted coffee. Australian baristas need to have this skill down pat.

Australians have access to quality coffee beans and cutting-edge coffee equipment

No wonder that specialty coffee shops can serve their customers the rarest and the best-tasting coffee. The Australian coffee industry is being supported by local roasters and dedicated industry groups. They organise major coffee events to help expand the availability of one-of-a-kind coffee beans for roasters and coffee business owners alike. There are also regular events where you will see the latest coffee technology and machinery, which help you decide what is best suited for your business.

Australians have their unique coffee styles and style of cafes.

With the strong culture that we have down under, it is no surprise that we have established our own style and spin on coffee.

Australians got local vernacular for our coffee – the flat white, the short black (espresso), the magic (cortado), and the long macchiato. Most of these Australian invented drinks have only slight adjustments on the amount of espresso to milk ratio. But even those small changes determine if your brew hits the spot.

Making coffee an essential part of your daily life, as it is in Australia, sounds like every coffee enthusiast’s dream. Placing importance on quality, type of beans, roast, as well as taking your time to enjoy your cup in your favorite cafe is everything we’re all about.

In Conclusion

Australian coffee culture is one of the finest on the planet. It is one of the places where you can enjoy a cup of coffee at its finest. Aussies do not take any less than the best from their cup of coffee. They place importance on high-quality beans, excellent aesthetics, latte art, roasting and brewing process, and more.

Coffee is an essential part of life in Australia which makes it one of a kind. Enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee before heading to work, study, or leisure will really feel like you are a part of the Australian lifestyle.

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