3 Benefits of Getting a Barista Course in Adelaide

For others, making coffee is a part of their culture and everyday routine.

For others, making coffee is a passion.

Making a good cup of coffee has pricked the interest of many and honestly, there are so many great reasons to learn how to make one. In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of taking a barista course in Adelaide whether you are an independent barista, a coffee shop owner, or simply one that takes a personal interest in making a great cup of coffee.

But first, what is a barista?

A barista is a person who makes and serves coffee (such as espresso) to clients and customers. 

As a barista, you are expected to prepare a wide range of beverages. You must also be familiar with making other milk-based drinks such as froth milk, cappuccinos, and lattes,  which require additional skills.

So why take a barista course?

1. Gain top-notch barista skills

Learn all the practical tips, tricks, and techniques you will need to create/brew the perfect espresso and whip up the perfect cappuccino. And you will learn more than just that.

It will arm you with the skills needed to establish yourself as an industry expert and this course will dive into practical details useful if you are planning to have your shop someday. Upon completing the course, you’ll learn about the origins of coffee, how it’s farmed, and the best quality tastes.

2. Take your career to another level

This course will impart you with valuable skills that can help you get ahead in the job market. Formal barista training will give you a competitive edge (despite lack of prior experience) and may even land you a job at the end of the course.

This course is ideal for learners who wish to become a barista, work in a café/coffee shop, or someone who wants to practice barista skills in their personal life.

3. Good for the business

If you own an existing Café business or considering having one, a barista course is a great resource to maximise your investment and help create customer satisfaction and profitability. 

After completing a Barista training course, your staff will be able to complete the necessary quality checks and make sure that every cup of coffee is of great quality.

As our coffee culture grows in Adelaide, we do not only need more baristas. We also need to keep standards getting higher in this industry. At Barista Course Adelaide, we teach the skills needed from correctly grinding the coffee beans to the desired consistency up to making the perfect creamy form espresso to serve to the customers.

We offer a nationally recognised Barista Course with high-quality course materials and premier student support, which includes the following units:

  • SITHFAB005 Prepare and serve espresso coffee 
  • SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety

Meaning, not only will you get barista certified – you will also gain additional accreditation in hygienic practices for food safety. The good news is that the extra accreditation is FREE and all-inclusive once you enroll in our barista course.

Upon enrolling, you will get to learn and practice different coffee types including:

  • caffe latte
  • cappuccino
  • espresso (short black)
  • flat white
  • long black
  • piccolo latte
  • mocha
  • ristretto
  • short and long macchiato

We also offer Latte art class to those who require skills on how to do latte art and coffee art. 

Training courses can be tailored to meet the needs of our students, business owners, and others involved in the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry in Australia. Feel free to reach out to us and one of our staff will be happy to discuss and accommodate your training requirements.

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