Where To Go For Coffee Making Courses in Adelaide

With improvements in technology, there are many available ways to learn more about coffee. You can watch hundreds of how-to coffee tutorials on Youtube. You can also read books and scan through coffee resources found online. You can also experiment with the brewing methods, find professional mentors, and of course, the actual learning through the job itself.

If there are so many ways possible to know and learn more about coffee, you might have second thoughts on why coffee training is necessary. Are coffee courses really worth investing time and money?

Training refers to the process where a subject expert will transfer their knowledge to other people. And knowledge means learning and acquiring competence in a certain field. That competence will boost your employability and is fundamental in any type of business.

In other words, formal training is essential for a career in coffee. The more knowledge you have on the coffee industry, the better you can be at work. Training is crucial in order to make the best coffees in the world. Proper training is necessary to mix coffee wisely and to roast them in a way that will enhance the flavors and aromas of the coffee available.

For baristas, they need to know how to make exceptional coffee to high standards, especially in a country that expresses so much love for their coffee. Baristas should know how to clean and maintain coffee equipment and how to provide great customer service. Knowing and mastering the impact of different coffee varieties, processing methods, roast profiles, and more are useful. Knowledge about the product is a core part of being a barista.

While it is possible to learn all this in the workplace, the practice itself is not enough. Lack of the right training will not give you the opportunity to grow and evolve. You will not be able to transfer your knowledge to the final customers, who are much more demanding nowadays.

With the deeming importance of coffee training, we prepared a list of coffee courses in Adelaide that you can choose from. These coffee courses will help you understand the whole process of what goes into a good cup of joe.

  1. Barista Course Adelaide

There is no doubt that Adelaide is one of the best places to learn coffee in the country. Barista Course Adelaide provides quality training that enables students to maximise their learning over the course duration.

Barista Course Adelaide offers three professional courses, with one course for the casual home barista. The advanced course ranges from an intensive 2 hours course to a one-day barista class that covers everything coffee. From choosing the right beans, grinding, and roasting process to the steaming of milk and latte art.

Prices range from around $109 for a home barista basic course to roughly $189 for a Barista Pro course.

Website: https://baristacourseadelaide.com.au/

  1. National Training College

Maximise your coffee learning potential with National Training College in Adelaide.

If you are looking for a great yet affordable barista training program, check out National Training College. Based in Australia with training locations in Adelaide and Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Their training programs are run by experts in the coffee industry, allowing students to learn only from the best.

NTC offers three courses divided into Barista Basics, Barista Pro, and Latte Art. Barista Basics is a great way to start a career in coffee, while the Barista Pro is an intensive course that gives you all skills to become a fully qualified barista.

Single courses cost between $89 and $189 if purchased a la carte. Bundle courses and group training discounts are available.

Website: https://nationaltrainingcollege.edu.au/course/barista-course/

  1. SA Coffee Academy

South Australia Coffee Academy is another school that you must check out if you want to have professional barista training.

At SA Academy, you will be able to learn almost everything from a basic introduction to coffee to advanced courses in latte art and from drawing coffee business plans. You will learn to develop a start-up cost breakdown to actually managing the daily operation.

Furthermore, they offer new classes almost every week, and you choose the time that fits your schedule. Class schedules and enrollment are accessible through their website.

  1. HG Coffee School

HG Coffee School offers nationally-certified barista training classes for the public. Aspiring baristas looking to understand the basics of specialty coffee will cover all the technical and practical skills to be able to work behind the espresso bar.

You’ll learn how to set your grinder, learn various milk techniques, and latte art. Both barista basic and pro courses will cover health and safety, customer service, and basic business practices.

  1. Five Sense Coffee

The coffee fundamentals offered by Five Sense Coffee will suit both the aspiring hospitality hero and home connoisseur. Their professional development coffee training courses available are recommended for those who know their way around an espresso coffee machine.

Five Senses Barista and Coffee Training Courses run in different parts of Australia, including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide. Their barista courses are designed to up-skill abilities across all levels.

Final Thoughts

These top five barista schools are an excellent place to start your journey to a professional career as a Barista. If you are in Adelaide and other nearby states, you should add these five to your top list of training providers when getting a barista course.

Nowadays, many coffee chains prefer applicants with barista qualifications. Before sending out your CV or aspiring to advance your current standing in your work, we recommend securing a Barista certificate beforehand. If getting trained is how you would like to begin your journey, then this approach is perfect for you.

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