Short Courses for International Students in Australia

Last Updated on: 23rd May 2022, 01:50 am

For any international student arriving in Australia, the thought of finding a job can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. The good news is most major cities in the country has healthy job market with a wide range of industry currently booming.

Finding your first job in Australia can be challenging for international students. Some of our previous students have gone through the same stage when they first landed. Most common roles available for international students will require you to have basic certificates and cards. Doing some short courses actually helped them get their first job in the land down under.

Are you on the search for short courses in Australia? There are several affordable short courses that will help you get quality learning and allow you to work in different industries.

We’ve prepared a list below of some of the recommended short courses for international students in Australia. Whether you want to get a head start in your studies or need to upgrade qualifications for work, there are options to choose from.

1. RSA

Drinking alcohol on special occasions, celebrations, and catchups is part of the famous Aussie culture. Most events are not complete without having alcohol.

The good news is that international students can attain an RSA certificate which allows them to work part-time in hospitality or any other industry that involves serving, selling, or supplying alcohol.

The RSA or Responsible Service Alcohol is a short training you will need to complete if you are planning to work in an industry that involves alcohol. Upon training completion, you will receive a certification that proves that you can now serve alcohol in a responsible manner.

Most hospitality jobs in Australia require certification before you start working there. Legally, you cannot work in any licensed premises without securing an RSA certificate.

2. Barista Course

Australians love their coffees, and so are their Baristas. Hundreds of coffee shops are popping up everywhere and there is a very good chance that you might land a job in the cafe industry while studying. Having barista skills can be really great if you are looking to get your first job.

Barista Training is an intensive one-day coffee-making course that will provide you with the basic skills and confidence to work as a barista in coffee shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants. The skills you will acquire during the training will also help you prepare great-tasting coffee at home. You will learn the basic theory of coffee making, its origin, as well the different types of coffee which are commonly served in Australia (flat white, lattes, and more).

The Barista course is ideal for those on Student Visa and Working Holiday visas who want to pursue a career and earn money while studying full-time.

3. White Card

A white card is a qualification that is required for anyone wishing to access and work in any building site in Australia. It includes international students who might find themselves working as laborers or traders for a construction project.

White Card training is all about safety and preparedness. During the course, you will learn the following crucial requirements when working in construction, including:

  • Identifying safety hazards on the building site.
  • How to report these safety problems.
  • How to best reduce the risk of accident or injury.
  • Responding in the proper way to an accident or health and safety incident.

For international students, working on a construction site is an attractive prospect. The money is good, the work is abundant, and the flexibility is great for studying.

4. Provide First Aid

If you are planning to pursue a career in the health industry, taking First Aid course is a great step. It is also a requirement if you want to work as a healthcare assistant, aged care attendant, volunteer, babysitter, and more. This course is not only useful for work, but it also has its benefits at home or within the community.

In general, the Provide First Aid course will equip you will skills and knowledge of making an informed decision when accidents happen.

Where Can You Find Short Courses?

Short courses are being offered through education providers and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Know that all courses we listed above can be done in most states and territories in Australia.

In conclusion, doing these short courses will give you a better chance to get the job you are applying for. Based on many international students’ experience, these short courses can certainly help improve the chances of getting your first job in Australia.

We hope you find this information useful, and we wish you all the best in your job search. If you have questions about short courses in Australia, get in touch with our team.

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