Coffee Jobs in Australia: A Complete Guide to Career in Coffee-Industry

If there is one country that is well-known for its specialty coffee culture, it is definitely the country down under – Australia.

Coffee has experienced a true renaissance in Australia. It now shares the spotlight with wine and craft beer as an artisan beverage. Long gone are the days of instant coffee driving retail sales and coffee in tin cans. Today’s coffee drinkers enjoy a more culinary approach with an interest in the coffee’s origin, its brewing methods, and serving processes.

Australian coffee culture is one of the most forward-looking in the world. The taste and quality of coffee are something that we are truly passionate about. We are also particular about the types of coffee we drink. Be it a flat white, an espresso, mocha, cappuccino, macchiato, ristretto, and so on.

Melbourne’s coffee culture is known as one of the world’s very best and they expect the highest quality in every cup. The love of coffee is strong among Australians. More than one in four people saying they cannot survive the day without it. In other words, there will be no shortage of great coffee jobs in Australia.

If you are in the market looking for a job that could bring in some good income while having the opportunity to enjoy and make new friends, the coffee industry may be a good fit. Working as a barista or any other coffee job in Australia is a fine choice.

About 95% of the coffee stores throughout Australia are privately-owned, which means almost every café looks different. They are mostly unique, personal, and fun that represents the Australian coffee culture. These places are usually very welcoming, cozy, and interesting to say the least. A good cup of coffee makes you want to stay in cafes longer and drink in peace while reading newspapers.

If you are a newbie in this industry, there are plenty of barista courses available to pick up experience and training from. Search for a trusted local RTO to get your training from. All it takes is one good barista course, and you are all set to make some money serving delicious coffee.

Most barista work shifts going from 3 to 8 hours. If you are a casual worker, you will get paid by the hour. It is a nice way to earn fast cash by putting in more hours each week following the hourly rate. The average rate for baristas in Australia range between $15 and $20 per hour. The pay is higher for overtime, weekends, and public holidays.

Of course, there is no mandatory tipping or in-built service charges rule in Australia, but you can expect generous tips from happy customers. A satisfied customer may leave as much as ten percent of the bill.

Why pursue a career as a Barista?

  • High In-Demand Job

The employment opportunities in the coffee industry are at most high. In the past five years, there is a 34.2% rise which is the largest number of openings in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia.

  • High paying salary

A 2013 poll result find that  Australia has the highest-paid baristas in the world. Australian baristas were being paid about $7 per hour more (in USD rate) than their US colleagues, including tips. High and competition-level baristas that serve award-winning coffees can price as high as 150 Australian dollars a cup.

  • Job stability

The coffee industry is able to hold its own in the toughest of economic crises which sank many other industries. It has the lowest number of employee layoffs in the past year.

  • Flexible work hours

Like many baristas in other states, their schedules could change week to week. Most of the time, they are not guaranteed a set amount of work hours. A barista job is where you can work by the hour instead of doing a regular 9 to 5 job.

  • Fosters Creativity

Coffee culture reaches the point where we consider it as a form of art.  The creativity that is in every cup of coffee is impeccable. There are times where baristas will improvise and create the perfect mix of espresso that will satisfy the customer’s taste. There is a lot of creative input in the coffee-making process.

  • Positive work culture

You are constantly interacting with both customers and hip co-workers. Working in a coffee shop will be a work environment full of humor and life lessons.

Barista Job Description in Australia

The coffee-making industry is responsible for guaranteeing that the customers’ first impression of a business is a positive one. For the barista role, this responsibility is two-fold. Not only are you engaging with them through conversation, but you are also preparing beverages for the customers to enjoy.

Many cafes and coffee shops hire a barista with little or no experience. As such, salaries may start in the low end or at minimum wage and work your way to the top.

Most professional baristas start their career in that pathway until they make it into their f. If a career as a barista is something that interests you, there are several training and certification programs to choose from.

A barista is a coffee professional who has the experience and training to make coffee and espresso beverages for customers. They can demonstrate craftsmanship and quality while creating a culinary experience for the customer.

Therefore, your job as a barista in Australia will involve preparing all types of coffee, including:

  • Espresso short/tall
  • Flat white
  • Latte
  • Long black
  • Cappuccino
  • Ristretto
  • Piccolo
  • Mocha
  • Macchiato

A typical barista role goes beyond knowing how to make different types of coffee. They also know how to specific equipment and familiar with coffee bean varieties. As the barista, expect that some customers will ask for your help in choosing the right beverage or bean for them.

Besides the basic barista qualifications, you must also possess good general bartending skills. It includes customer interaction, handling, order scheduling, and among others. Baristas should have a firm grounding in the whole coffee-making process to meet customer’s demands.

Knowing the basics and following instructions correctly, you will be able to take high-end barista jobs in years’ time. If you want to fast-track things, you could always go for one of the barista courses offered by a reputable barista training provider.

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