How To Do CPR On An Adult: The Step By Step Guide

How To Do CPR

If you find yourself with an unresponsive, unconscious person and you’re not sure how to proceed, it’s important to first check for signs of life. Most people know to check if the casualty is breathing – but what if they are not? These are the critical signs that CPR must be administered immediately. Follow our CPR steps to ensure you are best prepared in case of a cardiopulmonary emergency.

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How to Treat a Fire Ant Bite

Fire Ant Bite

If you had an encounter with a fire ant before, you know that tens or hundreds of them tend to all sting at once and can sting repeatedly (ouch). Fire ant bites are painful and what’s worse is the burning or itching sensation from the sting can last up to an hour. If you suffer from multiple bites, you may feel as if your body is on fire.

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5 Expert Tips in Surviving Shark Attack

How to survive a shark attack

While many of us see shark attacks happen on the big screen, the reality is shark attacks do happen in real life. In Australia, where most beautiful oceans do not come with risks, we accept the fact that the moment we swim or surf, we are eventually venturing into the shark’s natural habitat.

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